Best VR Headset for iPhone X, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2019

Best VR Headset for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018

Are you looking for the best VR headset for your iPhone?..What did I just say? Are there VR Headsets for iPhones? Find out right here. Remember sometime in 2016 Apple promised its highly valued customers that they would include good virtual reality features on its flagship phones and it eventually came out with iPhone X and the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max will surely be compatible with a good number of VR headsets.
This means with any device ranging from your iPhone X, X Max...etc you can experience virtual reality on the go.
 VR Tips Today properly reviewed and selected these headsets because they contain qualities that make them the top VR headsets  for iPhones, they are so special because they have the ability to let you fine-tune the viewing as desired. Bestowed with HD lens, they make your viewing an excellent experience and also don’t allow glare or eye fatigue to creep up.

Best VR Headsets for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus, iPhone XR, XS AND XS Max

Here is a list of 10 best VR Headsets for iPhones for 2018 in no particular order;

1.     Merge VR:

Merge VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, and XS Max

In our maiden post where we listed the top ten VR Headsets of 2018, Merge VR  was featured in our list. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices, the Merge VR Goggles unlock immersive virtual reality experiences, powered by a user’s smartphone in this case it will be your iPhone.

In terms of size, the Merge VR can comfortably fit smartphones as small as the iPhone 5 or as large as the iPhone 6s Plus.
The Merge VR uses your smartphones display, processor and battery which could encourage an unprecedented rise in temperature.
The ability to deliver stunning virtual reality experience makes Merge VR a cut above the rest. Made of high-quality soft foam, the headset seamlessly fits any face. Thanks to dual input buttons, you are able to navigate through your games with consummate ease.

2.     Pansonite VR:
 Pansonite VR for iphone
Do you want to have endless 3D movie watching experience on your iPhone device, then the Pansonite VR Headset is the best you should go for. The soft foam fits all the contours of your face; allowing you to breathe comfortably.

The t-shaped strap is made of soft material and feels pretty warm. It comes with HD aspheric lens, which provides high-clarity and also keeps distortion at bay. The hassle-free adjustment of pupil distance (PD) and focal distance make it ideal for everyone. The wider FOV (Field Of View) makes viewing a remarkable experience for your iPhone device.
Lenses are perfectly adjusted to fit your eyes. The high-quality material can easily withstand drops. You can pick this top-notch VR headset in nice fascinating colors of your choice.

3.     VR Wear:

 VR WEAR iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8 VR Headset

One of the best brands to go for while purchasing a VR headset is one that lets you get the best out of a panoramic spherical 360-degree video which is definitely the VR Wear.
VR Wear helps you watch some of your all-time favorite movies with its IMAX cinema effect. Another notable feature of this headset is the comfortable lens adjustment in 4 directions for each eye separately.

The finest quality lens with 105-degree vision angle boosts your viewing experience while reducing the dizzying effect. It has a hole for ventilation to keep overheating at bay. The soft construction doesn’t put any pressure on the nose and ear.

Based on your convenience, you can adjust straps. What’s more, it comes with 2 sticker sets to let you change the look of the virtual reality goggles. Besides, VR Wear supports smartphones with 4.5-6.3″ diagonal screen.

4.     Pasonomi VR:

 Pasonomi VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018

The makers of Pasonomi VR killed it by putting up a cool design. This beautiful looking headset comes with ergonomic head belt design that offers the needed comfort to let you continue to enjoy marvelous 3D games longer. Soft and thick foam doesn’t the pain strike your head.

High-quality resin lens plays a key role in providing larger than life experience. Adjustable pupil and sight distance makes it very handy for everyone. Moreover, Pasonomi works with a number of VR apps available in Apple Store. Get the Pasonomi device for your iPhone today!

5.     Elegiant VR :
Elegiant VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018
When we are talking about power in the list of VR Headset for iPhone, the Elegiant is what should be on our minds. The company has used the highest quality of optical resin lenses which doesn’t use stimulation plastic sheet so when you zoom into the images the distortion is minimum and offers a wide view-field thereby reducing dizziness and visual fatigue even if you use it for a long time. The wind guide hole in the headset helps in cooling down your phone while you are using it. You can enjoy VR games or other apps for a long time without the iPhone X getting heated. iPhone X’s 5.8 screen fits in perfectly in its wide frame.

6.     Sarki VR:
Sarki VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018

In our list of best VR Headsets for iPhone in 2019, the Sarki Headset is next, this is because its well-built and comes with stereo headphones. We loved its memory sponge, which doesn’t allow pressure to kill your gaming time. 
  This VR headset enables you to fine-tune both pupil distance (PD) and focal distance (FD), which makes it ideally suitable for 0-600°near-sighted viewing. The T-shaped straps naturally fit your head. It offers 120-degree wide viewing angle and supports devices with 4.7-6-inches size. Another feature to note in Sarki is its detachable front cover designed for improved heat dissipation so that your smartphone remains cool throughout. Besides, you get a Bluetooth remote controller to remain in full control of gaming using your iPhone.

7.     NSinew VR:
 NSinew VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018
That moment you need to experience VR for hours without being dizzy using your iPhone, you just have to go for the NSinew VR Headset. It is powered by high-definition lenses, it doesn’t allow glare, dizziness or eye fatigue to mar your user-experience.
There are three head straps, which allow you to perfectly adjust it. Lastly, this handy VR headset fits for all smartphones with 4-6 inch screen size which makes it cool for iPhones and it also comes with Bluetooth remote.

8.     DESTEK VR:

 DESTEK VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018
Looking for perfectly balanced experience of clarity and immersion, then DESTEK is the choice to make in the list of VR headsets for iPhone X.
The headset comes with touch feature that makes it more modish and lets you enjoy your VR session to the fullest. The 103° field view lets you enjoy videos or pictures as if you were physically present at the location you are viewing through the headset. Anti-Blue Light HD lenses are superb for eye care.

9.     KAMLE VR:
KAMLE VR Headset for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018
If you are a hardcore gamer or never seem to get enough of VR gaming, you should keep the KAMLE VR headset in mind; Here's why?  KAMLE VR Headset's design comes with proper heat dissipation, it provides better ventilation. As a result of this feature, your iPhone remains chilled out and doesn’t get warm even after a marathon play.
Another interesting feature on the KAMLE VR headset for iPhone is the ability to deliver the huge 120-degree field of view which exactly what you’d want to ramp up your viewing.

10.  BNEXT VR:
 BNEXT VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018
Do you want to watch movies or play games with your iPhone with great VR experience? This VR headset from BNEXT will give you a sophisticated viewing experience. It is comfortable to wear and can be used for long hours without bringing any discomfort to your eyes. You get to adjust the focal and optical distance so you can widen the viewing angle to suit the focal distance according to your viewing capability. This also helps in reduced distortion while you enjoy games or videos.

11. Blitzwolf VR:

Blitzwolf VR for iPhone x, XR, XS, AND XS Max 2018

I know we've past ten but we decided to add BlitzWolf here because it is notable as one of the coolest brands to go for while purchasing a VR Headset for your iPhone. Soft artificial leather makes it super comfortable to wear while also making it robust. 
This VR headset from BlitzWolf has cleared 72 hours of temperature test and 130 anti-throw tests. The innovative design of the headset gives you a 3D virtual reality vision for maximum immersion. The headset has an eight-layer Nano coating giving its exterior more strength. You have the option to focus on each eye for short-sightedness. BlitzWolf comes with a remote controller so handling the functions is super easy. The headset works flawlessly with more than 500 iOS apps suitable for your iPhone device.

These are the best VR headsets for iPhone X which you can buy for your device. Are there other VR Headsets for iPhones which you consider to be on this list? Then let us know via the comment session, the VR Tips Today team will surely review them and put them on our list. Kindly share this post if enjoyed the list..Thank You!